Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day!

Hey all! Did you know today is Boxing Day? You did, well that's cause you're smart. You didn't, that's okay we still like you. How about we all learn a little about it? Yes? Man you guys are the best audience. Away we go....

Boxing day is a traditional public holiday celebrated predominately in the United Kingdom. To quote Wikipedia, "The name derives from the tradition of giving seasonal gifts, on the day after Christmas, to less wealthy people and social inferiors, which was later extended to various workpeople such as laborers and servants." Pretty cool, huh? Learn even more here!

All that being said, how about you think of your "starving" local artists? Personally, I think we most likely fall under the "various workpeople such as laborers and servants" category. (hehe) So how about coming out to All By Hand and showing your local artists some much needed Boxing day love and buying some great things for yourself! I mean really I know we all love the socks Grandma gets us every year, but now that the holiday is over I think it's time to treat ourselves. All the while helping out your fellow artists!

While we're in the Boxing day spirit, how about we all head to this great event after? Today (all day, it's already started!) in honor of Boxing day the Memphis Taproom will be collecting canned foods and gently worn coats and blankets to donate to the needy this holiday season. For every item you bring you get a dollar of your beers! Could this get any better? Wait, what's the beer list you say?
De Dolle Stille Nacht
Sly Fox Christmas
Aventinus Eisbock
Weissenohe Monk's Christmas
Scaldis Noel
Corsendonk Christmas
St. Bernardus Christmas
Lost Abbey Angel's Share
Port Older Viscosity
Lost Abbey Gift of the Maji
Ommegang Adoration
Victory Old Horizontal
Elysian Bi-Frost
Tsmisje Kerstbier
Troegs Mad Elf
Port Santa's Little Helper
OH EM GEE! I think this could possibly be the best/first Boxing day we've ever celebrated! Learn more about this event here!

Hoping to see you today at All By Hand and at The Memphis Taproom! Let's spread some more holiday cheer!

Heart your gals,

Julianna & Abby

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