Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

It's here. Christmas is tomorrow! That means today is Christmas Eve (that's how it works folks if you didn't know...). It also means today is the last day all you present procrastinators can get your butts to All By Hand to get your gifts. So why are you still reading this? We're open now. Come on, run! Wait, don't run it's still real icy out. Take the bus. Okay see you soon. Hearts.

Christmas Eve hours:

P.S. Abby is back home with her lovely family in upstate NY (and I'm seriously missing her), so that means I have no Christmas music. Oops! So DOWN WITH CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Today all 90's all the time. Lets rock the jams of yester-decade.

If all this still hasn't convinced you to visit today I hope this happy Christmas cat will.

Your Best Gal Pals,

Julianna & Abby

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