Saturday, December 19, 2009

The weather outside is frightful...

But All By Hand is so delightful,
As long as you love us so...
Then forget the snow, forget the snow, forget the snow...

Okay that was our lame attempt at a Christmas song. Hope you like it. Maybe if you're lucky we'll start writing hiaku's later.

But on that note! Forget the tons of white stuff falling from the sky today, and come visit us in warm and lovely All By Hand. Christmas is only 6 DAYS away! Regardless of Mayor Nutters "state of emergency" for the city, you are still going to need to have that gift for Aunt Nancy. You know she doesn't forgive or forget easily. So come by and buy some great unique, handmade, and local gifts for all your loved ones, oh and Aunt Nancy too. She'll love you forever, and so will we.

Your gals,

Julianna & Abby

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