Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Inquirer!!!!!

Q. Could we be more pumped!?!?!?!!?

A. Nooooo!

The Inquirer is coming for an interview and to shoot photos at All By Hand on Thursday! We're so excitedddddddd. (hence the extra letters) Here's hoping the story doesn't land on the editing room floor.

To all UArts and Moore Grads involved in the store:
Come out Thursday at 4 and make your parents proud! They want to interview current students and alumni of both schools featured in the store. The piece is about 2 (totally rad, awesome, cute, and nerdy) girls both recent grads and one still a student opening an artist consignment store featuring their friends, which also happen to be recent grads and students! (aka you!) So come be famous for 15 minutes and live in the lime light. See you Thursday!