Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More & More Work!

Things are moving along great here at the shop! Today I got some more great work in the store. Check em out!

Michael Ryan's great printed bookmarks and sets of hand bound books. Nicole Eiland's great little book "Between" and Leah Mackin's card cases!

Nicole Eiland's vegetable and fruit paper cards, and Michael Ryan's sets of printed and hand bound books!

Nicole Eiland's "Hugging Life" Cyanotype book. I think this looks great with our blue and woodsy jewelry display. hehe.

Kate Collins. I love this little guy!!!!

Tomorrow is our biggest day this week! Get ready for an ton of uploads. We are hanging all the wall work tomorrow, setting up the dress form, getting clothes on hangers, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and we have 7-10 artists coming to drop off more work! I can't wait. Here's hoping all goes well.

OH and one final thing.... Our GRAND OPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We open this SUNDAY from 12-6. Be sure to stop by and buy lots of art! We will love you forever. Please be advised that our grand opening is cash only. Sorry for any inconvenience.

See you Sunday!

Heart and hugs and kisses,
Julianna Lose and Abby Flanigan

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