Monday, November 23, 2009

More each day!

This is totally exciting! It's like Christmas everyday here (happy face), except we don't get to keep the new toys. (sad face) Check out the great new work we set up today!

Sarah Pohlman's amazing collages!

Dave Barnis's character drawings! We've got bunches of stuff from him! Everything from mugs to stickers to framed pieces come check them out!

Check it out! Abby built a displayyyy! Thanks Darrell at Messages for lending it to us! It's displaying Andrew Shumway's great beaded jewelry.

Detail of Andrew Shumway's jewelry! Abby and I modeled his necklaces all day!

We loooooove these earrings! Made by Faith Corman!

These are Faith's great industrial necklaces too!

Keep your eyes peeled for more new work showing up this week!

Hearts & Hugs & Sweet dreams of Taylor Lautner,

Julianna & Abby (mmmmmmhmmmmmm.......)

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