Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Artists, New News.

Hey All!

Check out some new artists we put out just this week!

Jeanette Wintjen just dropped off some great recycled and leather earrings! So awesome. I like the zippers, Abby likes the leafs.

Check out Hedy Sirico amazing assemblages. These two are called "Many Sit" and "Keep all Measurements Level".

These are Jill Goodman-Ruggieri amazing earrings. I think I'll have to buy my sister 20 for Christmas. Thanks Jill!

And finally! We've got Nick Keppol. I love his type style. Come check it out!!

News, News, News.
Coming today! is the Philadelphia Inquirer at 4pm to shoot some photos of the store. The article is about art stores that are "popping up" all over the city for the holiday season! We're pretty excited to be in the piece. Here's hoping they use the photos the shoot today! Once again I'd like to invite all graduates from UArts and Moore to the shoot. They want to have as many artists as possible. Think of the great free press for your art, and why not make Mom and Dad proud at the same time! "See Mom I put all the money you spent on my college tuition to work!" Thanks guys and hoping to see you later today!

Love always,

Julianna & Abby

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