Saturday, November 7, 2009

More pictures, More Aritsts!

Hey check us out working on stuff at the store and all. We're so grown up! Or at least pretending to be.

Today Abby and I put up the vinyl lettering for the store! We've got signage! woo hoo.

Then we started setting up more great work from our artists! Check em all out. We're pretty excited AND coming Monday we'll be getting almost the rest of our artists work!

Michelle Wilson -a blank book with a caterpillar stich, and her artist book "Current"

Aimee Enright -handmade glass pendants

Aimee Enright -handmade glass and metal Mezuzahs

Laura Marta -hand painted kids shoes

Our borrowed print rack (Thanks Sandy!) Currently featuring artists Alex Eckman-Lawn & Anthony Pedro

Can't wait to officially make the store look like a store. More photos coming soon.....


  1. sharing a rack with anthony pedro? apparently dreams do come true

  2. So proud! I can have my stuff there monday or tuesday. I dont have a car right now to pick up my prints :( hope I can be a featured artist too! Maybe? One day?