Monday, November 16, 2009


Can you believe it!!!! So excited. Grand opening photos coming soon.

In the meantime, check these great/funny photos from the night before opening. Look! The store looks like a store!

Bonnie Quick's great clothing! And Laurel Schwass-Drew's amazing screen-printed t-shirts!

Nicole Wiegand's jewelry!!! I love it! Right below it is Samantha Ernst's great vintage button jewelry!

Heidi Roland's amazing photo earrings and feathers!

Lauren Rossi's great screen-printed furniture! She does everything; prints and upholsters! Check out Ben McBrien's great side table! All hand crafted.

Our wall of great hanging art! Check out all the artists! Ed Snyder, Ed Yakovich, Keith Greiman,& our very own Abby Flanigan!!!

Christmas corner! Thanks Debbie for setting it up so great!

"Little Toot" by Ed Snyder!

We got Abbys for sale here!!

Abby's trapped!!!!

Abby's Mom, Debbie, lounging in one of Lauren Rossi's bean bag chairs!

One last thing... a big TTTTHHHHAAANNNKKKSSS!!!! to everyone who made it out to the opening yesterday! (and especially those who bought things, hehe) Oh and an even bigger TTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAANNNNNNKKKKKKSSSS!!! to everyone (you know who you are) who helped us get set up, feed us, and sent prayers, crossed fingers, wishbone wishes, and lots of love over the past 2 weeks. We really love you all and couldn't express more our deepest thanks. Hearts!!!

Julianna & Abby

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